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an illustration of people with varying disabilities and 1 service dog gathering together.

Crip Heat

Here you will find quick links to the articles and resources on heat, updated on an ongoing basis.

A graphic of a dark skin manual wheelchair user in their living room. In the room is a plant, a rug and an air conditioner. Black text on the wall says “air conditioning must be central, like heat!”


Illustration of city buildings, with the sun shining over them and a thermometer showing a high temperature measurement. The image is bathed in warm orange.

Social and political reasons for increased risk

A cross-section diagram of a brain with the title “The hypothalamus functions as the body’s thermostat.” On the diagram, the neocortex, basal ganglia, hypothalamus, amygdala and hippocampus are labelled.

How (the typical) body tries to keep cool: Thermoregulation 101

Illustration of a calendar

What's THAAT?

Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, Air Movement, Time

Water bottle_01.png

Your body may be thirsty without telling you: (De)hydration and Thirst

an illustration of people with varying disabilities and 1 service dog gathering together.

Disability, Chronic Illness, Mental Illness, Ageing, and Children

line illustrations of a wine bottle, a prescription bottle, a pile of compressed powder tablets and some gel capsules.

Prescribed, Over-the-Counter, Street drugs, and Alcohol

Illustration of two people talking, with a graphic of a cloud on one person's head and a lighbulb on the other person. Speech bubbles float above them.

Cognitive Function

Illustration of a girl and a cat, seated on the floor facing each other.

Pets, Service and Support Animals

A dark skinned wheelchair user with long hair and a beanie sits at a small table, using their laptop to participate in a video meeting. The laptop screen is shown to their right, with the call being live captioned. The main speaker is a dark skinned person wearing a hijab and glasses, and 3 other participants are at the bottom of the screen, in smaller windows. In the bottom right corner, a yellow service dog bounds towards the wheelchair user.

Crip hacks for making it through the heat

A woman with Down syndrome (Teresa Pocock), wearing a tie-dyed top and colourful finger gloves with a backwards baseball cap on her head. She is sitting at a table holding a pen and writing in a book. She has mug with a cat design beside her and there is a canned beverage inside it. The table has a red, yellow and green mat on it.

Me and Heat Worksheet

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