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Pets, Service and Support Animals

Bear the cat would like to remind everyone to please remember animals are also affected by the heat!

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Submit your pet's heat tip!

Send us an email with your pet's photo, a heat tip for taking care of our furry friends, and your photo (if you like) and we will add it to this page!

Please take care of yourself, those around you, and don’t forget that our fur friends and helpers and other assorted animal pals need special attention and care in the heat as well.

Cute fluffy dog standing in a purple wading pool with toys and water in it. Water is dripping from his chest fluff.
Slightly blurry pic of a tiny yorkie dog fetching a ball out of a purple wading pool

"They're older now and not active but we used to fill a cheap wading pool for the dogs to cool off when they were playing outside. That's Jasper on the left, Andy on the right "rescuing" the toys from the pool."

My grey tabby cat sleeping on his outstretched paw and dark blue comforter.

"This is Jasper 2 hours before he died. The heat killed him. But before he died I would rub him down with an ice cube. He hated being wet but purred every time I did this. Whew okay crying now. Animals need a/c too."

Oliver (orange and white tabby) laying with his body beside a rolled up folded sheet. Inside the sheet is a frozen water bottle, used to radiate cool onto his body when it’s extremely hot in The Cave. The bottle has to be wrapped up so he doesn’t get wet from the condensation as it melts, and to protect his little body from getting shocked by the cold
Oliver is looking away from the camera

"My minions… servants… er… humans wrap frozen bottles in my favourite blankie or a towel & put them in my nap spots (in my hidey hole, on the bed or floor etc) & I lay beside them when I need to cool off. They also put ice cubes in my water bowl! They’re very well trained"

- Ollie the Cat

Photo of a small brown dog lying on a beach next to a towl, with a blue gel pack covering their back

"Called a kooly coat or cool coat. U wet it down with cool /cold water and the under side stays cool for several hours. Then just rewet it. Its thin and light weight. Has been wonderful for beaches and camping. Service vest goes on top."

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